Body Work + Cupping


Body Work is the broad term for therapeutic touch. From light touch to cupping, this therapy works to disrupt old holding patterns and misalignments that lead to chronic pain and decreased physical function. Founded in ancient healing techniques, including Shiatsu and Thai massage, bodywork manipulates the physical muscle and fascia as well as the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body.

When used in conjunction with a physical therapy regimen, our patients feel less pain and more freedom in movement. Regular hands-on treatment will lead to better posture and alignment, a decrease in stress and an improved mind-body connection.


Cupping Therapy is the modern athlete’s old-world solution. The method leverages suction to provide deep benefits unlike any other. Think of it like a faster inverse massage that increases blood flow, releases toxins and loosens fascia. The method originally required setting bamboo or earthenware cups on fire. As the fire extinguished, the cups were placed onto skin, creating a vacuum as the air cooled.

Integrative Health and Sports Medicine uses all varieties of cupping methods, including fire, wet, dry, moving and fixed techniques. The end result is relief from back pain, muscle aches and chronic pain, as well as fatigue, anxiety and illness for speedier recovery and improved performance.