Train. Treat. Restore.

Integrative Health and Sports Medicine treats people of all ages and all fitness levels. We believe that every individual has the power to identify their own inner athlete and make changes in their life to restore their body to health and optimize wellness.

We combine the most effective, proven therapies from both Eastern and Western practices to create a new way to treat and restore every patient’s inner athlete. Integrative Health & Sports Medicine specializes in creating wellness and prevention programs that focus on holistic, long-term health solutions through physical therapy, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes.


Modern Methods

We provide next-level physical therapy services by integrating evidence based physical measures, therapeutic exercises, rehabilitative procedures and cutting-edge biometric technology for fitness, wellness, and prevention purposes.


Chinese Medicine

When used in conjunction with modern methods, patients see unrivaled results from ancient medicine. We leverage highly tested alternative medicine for relief from pain and chronic health issues and offer the following services:


Lifestyle Assessments

We aim to equip every patient with the tools, practices and understanding required to live a healthy life and perform at peak levels in professional sports careers, at the local gym or in everyday life through: