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Integrative Health + Sports Medicine is revolutionizing the way we train, treat, and restore our bodies.


Our integrative physical therapy services improve how you move, from daily movements to professional sports.


Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy


Ideal for everyone—from busy parents to professional athletes—our services combine traditional physical therapy with ancient practices to help you meet your goals.


We combine the power of ancient Chinese medicine with modern practices for unrivaled, holistic results.



Body Work + Cupping


Nutrition + Diet

Purposeful Movement


We leverage time-tested, highly regarded alternative medicine to support our patients’ performance by relieving pain and chronic health issues.


Long-term recovery and peak performance rely heavily on lifestyle changes and commitments outside of our treatments.

Nutrition Assessments

Products + Supplements

Antioxidant Assessments


We aim to equip every patient with the tools, practices, and understanding required to live a healthy life and perform at optimal levels in professional sports careers, at the local gym, or in everyday life.

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The B9 Philosophy

The B9 Philosophy is part of what makes Integrative Health + Sports Medicine different. Our philosophy outlines nine core behaviors and practices that Dr. J tries to live every day. The B9 Philosophy started as Dr. Jameel’s own philosophy on life, but he saw the impact that positive living had on his patient’s physical health, and he decided to incorporate it into our service and practice. By aiming to be each of the nine (“be nine”) principles, we can work towards health in nearly every aspect of our lives.